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Fully Customised CRM for your Study Abroad Business

We believe that study abroad business needs to be digitised more. Don't waste time in customising general CRM. Readymade student admission CRM done specific for your overseas education business.

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Hundreds of students receive admission to the Institutions of their dreams



Built for overseas education consultants and solopreneurs to maintain strong student relationships

Manage time, customers and sales consistently with Entrily CRM. It's perfect for startups as you can get started for free, and our plans also give you access to a wide range of useful features as you grow. Our free student admission CRM for startups can give you the necessary tools needed to grow your business, while our paid plans offer all the advanced features to expedite that growth.


Entrily CRM

Why Overseas Education CRM?

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Efficiently manage leads with automated follow-up reminders.

education crm

Seamlessly integrate course selection with email/whatsapp.

education crm

Streamline the application and admission process with CRM.

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Calculate commissions and generate invoices to collage.

Facing issues on managing applications

Are you facing issues while managing your education recruiter agency?

Leads are generated, but the team occasionally overlooks follow-ups.

Students are often unaware of the process so they are always in confusion state.

Students are enrolled, but document uploads remain pending so process delayed.

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Data exposure occurs due to sharing rental CRMs in the market.

Counselors may be occupied when students call, leading to miscommunication.

Communication with students occurs via email, which they often neglect to read.

Entrily given solutions

Overseas Education CRM is
the perfect answer to all the issues

The options listed below are provided by Overseas Education CRM to help you expand your education agency.

Our software features a special chat communication system integrated with WhatsApp for direct interaction between students and consultants.

Manage leads efficiently with follow-up reminders displayed on the dashboard for every user until actions are completed.

Students can choose their interested courses within their login and share them with counselors.

In the student login, comprehensive details of the ongoing process is seen thus trust in the consultant increases.

Task and appointment management is facilitated for each user, enhancing internal communication.

Our CRM ensures clarity in document upload requirements, allowing students or employees to easily submit compulsory documents.

The CRM offers white-labeling and seamless integration with consultant servers, ensuring 100% data security for consultants.

At each stage, students receive notifications as staff members update the status of their application or admission.

Entrily process

Process of Overseas Education CRM Software

Signup as

The account will be create to manage the student application, you can add your student in the CRM or copy the student form link and share to the student to fills in data, it automatically enters the software and is assigned to a account manager, who contacts the student and conducts follow-ups.

Assign student to Account manager

Upon student registration with a unique student ID, both the student and account manager of the student can update all student documents, personal information, education details and work experience details through the provided login.

Course selection
made easy

Account manager or you can choose from multiple courses available in the software's course finder. Considering the student's current education, language proficiency, and aptitude exam scores, the counselor can provide guidance on the exact course, including fee details.

Student Application

Account manager or you can select multiple courses and apply applications to different institution.The Account Manager manages document management and the status of each application progress, along with scheduling follow-ups. you can track this entire process through their login as well.

Admission process
with free management

While Admission process, if you or student facing any issues such as SOP guidance, VISA Assistance, Document verification, Tuition Fee…etc, Entrily team will guide you each and every step until enrollment.


While student facing any issues in the VISA process, then Entrily team will guide you each and every step until enrollment. Commission will processed according to the subscription plan without hidden steps



We offer a FREE plan for startups

Entrily is one of the User-friendly CRMs for startups, since it allows you to centrally manage all of your tasks. With just a few clicks, it helps you bring your team together anywhere and at any time by automatically scheduling notifications and reminders, allowing you to work together in one shared workspace.

So, we will never force you to move to the paid edition. We are willing to bet that your organisation will grow big enough.

ENTRILY CRM Management

Manage all your inquiries efficiently

application process


Every student or lead you register in the system, a profile will be created. You can easily update the lead source and profile status, which are useful to identify your potential and converted students.

application process


Easily you can track the potential students, share the recommended options as per their desired interest in less time which is required for the conversion to successful admission process.

application process


A dedicated Application Manager is assigned institution wise to support your student with a complete and full end-to-end process. Proper tracking and timely updates will be given.

ENTRILY Application Management

Make your application process faster

application process


Easily you can track the application each and every steps of progression to study abroad and we can do the approval with mentioned turn around time.

application process


Browse through all the crucial information on eligibility criteria for Different study abroad courses to make your dream possible.

application process

Dedicated application manager

Streamline and organize your application efficiently to ensure a systematic approach in your pipeline, saving time and increasing effectiveness.

ENTRILY Course Management

Thousands of course access

course access

Intelligent course search

Expolore 49,000+ Course options through a robust search module, Use our course finder to view top courses from leading universities across the world!

course access

Course list growing daily

Day to Day courses and university list are increasing and updating the latest updated from university with eligibility requirements.

course access

Find a course and shortlist

With so many courses and universities to choose from, deciding where and what to study abroad are shortlisted as favourite list.

ENTRILY Business solution

Nurture your leads & close the deal

nurture leads

Lead capturing

This guarantees that every leads is sent to the agent who will be able to help them the most and that no meetings or follow-ups are missed.

nurture leads

Premade admission funnel templates

Using an admission funnel, leads prospective clients through a special track to the point of purchase, converted to customers.

nurture leads

Search engine optimized funnel

Lead Management solution ensures zero lead leakage by collecting leads for all channels, such as social media, websites, chats and email.

ENTRILY Document management

Keep your documents safe & secure

file upload

Single or multiple file upload

In Application checklist, splitted the document as mandatory, others and additional document to upload as single or multiple.

file upload


In our CRM system provides a centralized platform for storing and managing student documents.

file upload

Upload at one place and access anywhere

The uploaded document ensures easy access to all necessary documents throughout the admission process.

Eligibility Checker

Match your students with eligible options

Our Course Search allows you to find personalised course options for your student, instantly.

student eligible

Desired Course to student

Recruit for every student need

Recruit your student desire course with our course search engine - pathway programs, UG, PG research and professional courses.

Appropriate Fees and Scholarships

Easily view tuition fee, application fee & scholarships

Suggest your students with proper information of the institution to get the offer including the tuition fee, application fee & any scholarships.

tution fees

Entrily Features

Overseas education recruiters CRM software modules

Student Management
Document Management
Course Management
Application Management
Real-Time Reports
Academy Management
Integrated Lead Management
Task Scheduling Management
Referral Management
Team Management
Payouts Management
Application Tracking
Files Management
Generated Reports
MIS Generation


Choose the right CRM plan for your business

Free Forever

For smaller teams aiming to increase more 2X admissions


What’s included:

  • Up to 75% Commission
  • 100 Students/month
  • Max 3 Applications/month
  • 1 login access

Key Features:

  • Course search, Shortlist and Apply
  • Student Management
  • Application Management
  • To Check Eligibility Criteria
  • Task Management


For scaling your business
with automation & 5X admissions


What’s included:

  • Up to 80% Commission
  • 1000 Students/month
  • Max 5 Applications/month
  • 5 login access

Everything in Free, plus

  • User Hierarchy
  • One profile multiple application
  • Application Report
  • Bookmark student profile
  • Bulk upload - student registration


For scaling your brand by achieving admission success with 10X automation


What’s included:

  • Up to 85% Commission
  • Unlimited Students/month
  • Max 8 Applications/month
  • 10 login access

Everything in Standard, plus

  • Admission funnel
  • Unlimited Students
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Student Enquiry from API Integration


For established companies, that requires unique crafted software solution

Custom Pricing

What’s included:

  • Up to 100% Commission
  • Unlimited Students/month
  • Unlimited Application/month
  • User Permission Settings

Everything in Pro, plus

  • Login Permission Settings
  • Real-Time Dashboard
  • Role-based access control
  • Sub-Agent onboarding & training
  • Centralized storing and managing details


Why are you waiting for it?

See the proven results

Experience with Entrily was exceptional.

Entrily’s Professionalism, expertise, and commitment to client satisfaction make them a top choice for any agent or individual seeking overseas services.

Ms. Sudharsana
Manager of Destiny overseas, India

Reliable & trustworthy partner

I highly recommend Entrily to anyone seeking a reliable and knowledge partner for overseas business. Their features make them an invaluable asset in today’s global marketplace.

Mr. Sargunam
Director of Anglo overseas, India

Outstanding overseas marketplace

It was an exceptional experience. As an agent, I have collaborated with various companies in the past, but entrily truly stood out in terms of their professionalism, efficiency and dedication to client satisfaction.

Mr. Mohamed Aadhil
Head of Unidirect, India

Worthy aspects of working with Entrily

Entrily demonstrated a strong focus on meeting deadlines, maintaining the utmost professionalism, and exceeding expectations. Their dedication to excellence was evident in the meticulous planning, execution, and follow up.

Mr.Manivannan Rajaram
Director of Dream High Consultant Ltd., London

Our Experience collaborating with Entrily was outstanding.

They consistently showed a strong dedication to meeting deadlines, maintaining professionalism, and exceeding expectations. Their commitment to excellence was evident in their meticulous planning, flawless execution, and thorough follow-up. Working with Entrily made our study abroad journey truly professional and rewarding.

Director of Higher Education Direct, Pakistan

“Looking back, I wish we would have joined the BigCommerce Partner Program sooner. Not only does their platform solve a multitude of challenges other platforms simply cannot, but their team that supports their partner network makes it a community I couldn’t imagine not being a part of. Cheers to continued joint success in the years to come!"

Ryan Bloms, Associate Director, Partnerships
Destiny Overseas

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our crew will be on hand to assist your counsellors. From platform onboarding to admissions and application support to destination knowledge, everything is covered. We have a large service crew to assist you and your counsellors.

Absolutely. Our platform is updated with the most recent information about institutions and their courses by a skilled and experienced data entry team.

Yes. We are here to guide you throughout every step of the application procedure. Every application is rigorously reviewed by our Admissions and Quality, Compliance, and Visa teams. We do everything we can to help you provide an outstanding education for your students and encourage them to set the best possible effort.


Customer Support Executive

Have questions? Our team of experts is here to assist you every step of the way. Click here to chat with us now