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Company Related FAQs

  1. What year was your company founded?
  2. How long has your company served the education market?
  3. How many education clients do you have?
  4. Please tell us who (or what company) owns your CRM?
  5. Please tell us about your company’s leadership team background for CRM.
  6. What year was your CRM created?
  7. What market/industry was your CRM originally built to serve?
  8. What problem was your CRM originally built to solve?
  9. In addition to CRM, does your company have other areas of expertise?

IT Related FAQs

  1. Is your CRM web-based?
  2. Can users reset their account passwords/edit account information?
  3. Was your CRM designed for accessibility?
  4. What operating systems and browsers does your CRM support?
  5. What technologies did you use to develop your CRM?
  6. Will our data be kept separate from other clients’ data?
  7. Explain your backup and disaster recovery policies.
  8. Do you have a hardware redundancy set-up? If yes, describe.

User Interface Related FAQs

  1. What is your company’s philosophy on, and commitment to, user experience?
  2. Are your CRM’s screens consistent from section to section?
  3. Are your CRM’s labels consistent from section to section?
  4. Does your CRM use admissions terminology?
  5. Does your CRM work well on a mobile device?
  6. If so, was your CRM built using responsive design, or can it only be accessed using an App?

Pricing Related FAQs

  1. What is the pricing model for your CRM?
  2. How much will we pay for your CRM and what does it include?
  3. How many user licences come with your CRM?

Development Related FAQs

  1. Please tell us your roadmap for the next 12 months

Training Related FAQs

  1. How much training will be required to use your CRM?
  2. Please describe your training process.
  3. Please describe how we’ll learn to use new features, functionality, and other updates.

Support Related FAQs

  1. What is your commitment to client support?
  2. Can any user submit a support request?
  3. What are your support team’s hours of operation?
  4. What are the ways in which users can submit a support request?
  5. How long will it take a live person (not an auto acknowledgement) to respond to a support request?
  6. Do you have a priority system for urgent support requests?
  7. If so, describe. What is your company’s escalation process? Identify which components of your CRM (if any) are supported by third-party technology partners (e.g., broadcast email).

Reporting and Analytics FAQs

  1. Do users need any technical expertise to run reports?
  2. What types of reports do you provide?
  3. Please describe your reports.
  4. Does your CRM include standard reports?
  5. Are reports fully customizable?
  6. Do your reports provide year-over-year comparisons?
  7. Can we use your reports to measure our return on investment (ROI)?