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Features & Functionality

Entrily was created for community colleges, four-year colleges, graduate schools, law schools, medical schools, seminary schools – and any other school that recruits students.Scroll down for a list of the features and functionality included in Entrily.

User Experience
  • No technical knowledge required : Administer and utilise entrily without any coding or technical expertise.
  • Built for admissions : Entrily was built from the ground up by “Unidirect Team.
  • Uses admissions terminology : Everything looks familiar and makes sense from the start.
  • Responsively designed : Designed to adapt dynamically to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. No need to use an app when you’re on the go.
  • Designed for accessibility : Accessible to people with low vision, corrective lenses, and colour blindness.
  • Powered by modern tools & technology : Uses tools, coding languages, and software engines that power some of today’s most innovative technology.
  • A hosted solution : The leading cloud platform. Works in any major browser and is available anywhere you can connect to the internet.
  • No third-party purchases or support required : All tools, including email and texting, are provided through Entrily, which makes for a seamless user experience.
  • API integrations (coming soon) : Provides API integration to real time data.
  • Online payment processing : Integrates with many payment gateways
  • Data encryption : Data is transmitted over a secure, encrypted channel, using https, and encrypted both at rest and in transit.
  • Backup and disaster recovery : Full system backups are performed weekly, incremental backups are performed nightly, and transaction-log backups are performed hourly.
User Permissions
  • Unlimited users : Includes unlimited user licences.
  • Simple set-up : No technical experience required.
  • Granular permission groups : Customise permissions at the field level for each user.
  • A home for all your data : Collect and store all of your firm’s-related data.
  • Create & store records : Create and store records for admission operations (e.g., student, counsellors), Institutions (e.g., high schools, colleges, employers), Course (MA, M.Sc., etc) and Employees (e.g., counsellors, reporting manager etc).
  • Assign multiple roles : Assign multiple roles to people in your firm.
  • Associate and store unlimited data : Associate and store unlimited mailing addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, applications, interests, sources, etc., with each record.
  • Track admissions status : Track students through the recruitment funnel (e.g., inquiry, in-progress, completed, converted).
  • Manage interactions : Track, view, and edit all interactions with students on a single screen.
  • Create unlimited custom fields : Create all the custom fields and values you need.
  • Bookmark & report on log records : Search and report on bookmarked records.
  • Document storage : Attach one or more documents to a student's record.
  • Powerful search capability : Provides a powerful Google-like search experience enabling you to find records quickly and easily.
  • Search on every data field within a single search : Define and build search parameters using all fields and conditions. No need to do multiple searches to get your results.
  • Build complex searches : No coding or technical expertise required.
Import & Export
  • No technical expertise required : Schedule import/export option by looking at the sample data and file format.
Lead Storage
  • Lead Storage : Store hundreds of new leads from multi-platform service at no additional cost.
  • Lead import/export : Import more data records and export more data records.
Duplicate Management
  • Robust matching rules : All incoming records are checked against a set of 20+ sophisticated matching rules to determine if it’s a new or duplicate record.
  • Resolve possible duplicates : You have the option of creating a new record or merging the potential duplicate with an existing record.
Task Management
  • Create tasks : Assign tasks to yourself or other staff members.
  • Manage tasks : Categorise tasks for better organisation.
  • Set priority levels : Prioritise individual tasks
  • Set deadlines & track progress : Set task deadlines and monitor staff progress.
Email & SMS communication
  • Choose your audience : Send unlimited messages to any individual or group, including lists.
  • Segment by field : Segment by any field or combination of fields to send unlimited messages.
  • Automate communications : Automatically send communications based on actions taken by People/Organisations. For example, set up a series of follow-up email messages to go to any student who opens an email.
  • Schedule sends : Launch a campaign immediately, or schedule it for a future date or time.
  • View email communications plan : View your communications plan in a calendar or list format.
  • Choose your audience : Send text messages to any individual or group.
  • Segment by field : Segment messages by any field or combination of fields.
  • Schedule sends : Send texts immediately or schedule them for a future date or time.
  • Send reminders : Send reminders (e.g., event invitations, deadline notifications) based on specific dates and times.
  • Apply your branding : Customise the look and feel of your applications and application-related email messages.
  • Mobile-first design : Enable viewing and application submissions from a mobile device.
  • Pre-populate fields : Pre-populate the information you already know.
  • Track progress : See which students have started but not yet completed your application.
  • Request documentation : Allow students to request and track online recommendations.
  • Upload documentation : Upload documents such as essays, personal statements, and résumés.
  • Accept online payments : Integrate with your payment gateway.
  • Print completed applications : Print custom PDFs of completed applications one-by-one or in batches.
Reporting & Analytics
  • Best reporting & analytics : Provides best real-time reports.
  • No technical knowledge required : Generate reports without any coding or technical expertise.
  • Utilise predefined reports : Access standard reports to quickly view and analyse your recruitment and admissions data.
  • Visualise data : View data in a variety of ways, including bar, line, pie charts, and more.
  • Build custom reports : Create custom reports using any combination of data fields.
  • Download reports : Export reports in a CSV, Excel, or PDF format.
  • Start when you’re ready : Begin the implementation process on your timeline.
  • Fully managed process : You’ll be assigned a dedicated implementation specialist, who previously worked in admissions. They’ll guide you through the process -- from end to end -- and do the “heavy lifting” for you.
Training & Support
  • Minimal training required : We’ll provide you with unlimited, live, online training customised to your needs. Because Entrily is intuitive, simple to use, and delivers a consumer-software-like experience, minimal training is required.
  • Unlimited, live support : Our legendary Client Care team is available to you, your entire staff, AND the students you serve 365 days.