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PTE Course Details

PTE (The Pearson Language Tests) exam is one of the oldest English language proficiency tests to assess people’s writing, speaking and reading skills.

PTE Overview

PTE Synopsis

Pearson Tests of English is the abbreviation.

What is tested on PTE?

English language exam for immigration and to study abroad is called PTE Academic.

There are two categories on the PTE:

  1. Academic PTE
  2. PTE Residence

Why should I take the Academic PTE?

PTE Scholastic is an internet English dialect test that's completely robotized and utilized for migration and remote instruction. AI innovation is utilized to control this exam, and in differentiate to conventional reviewing plans, PTE evaluating is completely fair-minded and void of human partialities.

Types of PTE Examinations

The PTE academic test, has two categories:

  • Academic PTE Exam
  • UKVI PTE Academic

Academic PTE Exam

Speaking, hearing, perusing, and composing capacities are assessed by PTEAcademic. Up to three hours are distributed for the test. Numerous scholastic teach around the world, counting as Yale, INSEAD, and Harvard Trade School, acknowledge this exam. PTE Scholarly is recognized for visa purposes in Australia and Unused Zealand

UKVI PTE Academic

The PTE Academic UKVI is unique to the United Kingdom to qualify for UK visa, passing the Secure English Language Test (SELT) is mandatory, available to all applicants aiming to live, work, or study in the UK.

PTE Exam Schedule

PTE Test Reservation and Account Creation

How to sign up for the PTE examination?

  • Create a new account or sign in with an existing one on the official PTE Academic website.
  • Once you've created an account, be sure to thoroughly fill out every field, including the information on your passport.
  • After that, you may select the exam location, time, and date that work best for you.
  • Once all the information has been entered, you may continue with the payment.
  • Once the money has been received, you will get an acknowledgment receipt.

IELTS vs. PTE: Which is harder?

The trouble level of the PTE and IELTS is seen as being break even with. The PTE test is as it were accessible online, be that as it may the IELTS exam is accessible both online and offline.

PTE Academic Exam Highlights

Exam Name PTE Exam
PTE Full Form Pearson Test of English
Types of PTE Exam There are two categories on the PTE:
1 Academic PTE
2. PTE Residence
What is the PTE exam for? Pearson English Tests (PTE) Academic is a test of English language proficiency for immigration and study abroad.
In which countries is the PTE certification accepted? Many nations, including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy, accept PTE.
PTE Exam Format There are three elements to the PTE Academic test format:
Section 1: Writing & Speaking
Section 2: Reading
Section 3: Hearing
Who conducts PTE? Pearson VUE (Virtual User Environment) administers the PTE test.
How much is the PTE exam fee? The PTE examination costs $170 USD, plus bank fees and 15% VAT.
How much does the PTE Exam Fee cost? The PTE exam fee is USD 170 + 15%tax and bank charge.
How much does the PTE Exam Fee cost? The PTE exam fee is USD 170 + 15%tax and bank charge.
How much does the PTE Exam Fee cost? The PTE exam fee is USD 170 + 15%tax and bank charge.
How much does the PTE Exam Fee cost? The PTE exam fee is USD 170 + 15%tax and bank charge.
PTE Helpline 0120-6679008

PTE Exam Eligibility criteria

Qualifications for the PTE Exam

No specific qualifying requirements to take PTE exam.

1. What are the requirements to sit for the PTE exam?

To be eligible for the test, there are no particular educational prerequisites.

2. How old must you be to take the PTE exam?

The applicant must be at least 16 years old, and in order to be eligible, those under the age of 18 must have a paper signed by their parents.

3. How many times have you taken the PTE exam?

A candidate is not limited by number of times to take the test.

4. Which nations recognize the PTE certification?

Many nations, including Canada, Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy, accept the PTE certificate.

PTE Exam Preparation Tips:

  • Choosing between self-study and going to a lesson at a coaching center depends on person inclinations, learning fashion, and accessible assets.
  • To assist you plan more viably, the web offers a riches of materials.
  • You might utilize the coursebooks in expansion to the online materials.
  • Arranging at slightest a year in development for the exam is prescribed, as beginning planning early improves your chances of victory.

PTE Setup Duration

It takes four to six weeks of regular preparation to be ready for the PTE exam.

How can someone study for the PTE exam?

  • Join English-speaking internet forums.
  • Enroll in a PTE coaching program online.
  • Study PTE.

PTE Study Guide

Here are some study resources for PTE preparation that you may utilize to get ready for the test

PTE Practice Test

PTE Reading Practice

To assess a candidate's reading proficiency, the PTE Reading Section is used.

Entire Runtime: 32–41 Minutes

Question Type Task Skills Tested Maximum Number of Words
Multiple choice, choosing a single right answer Choose a single response after reading the material based on its tone or topic. Reading Approximately 110 words
Choosing multiple right answers from multiple choices After reading the material, select more than one correct response based on the content or tone. Reading Approximately 300 words
Reordering paragraphs Sort the boxes that aren't in the right order sequentially. Reading Approximately 150 words
Reading: Fill in the blanks There will be a paragraph with many blanks. Select the appropriate words and drag them into the empty spots. Reading Approximately 80 words
Reading and Writing: Fill in the blanks The screen will display a section that has many blanks in it. Choose the appropriate answer from the drop-down selection to fill in each blank. Reading Approximately 300 words

Tips for Preparing for the PTE Academic Reading Section

You need to read fluently and have easy comprehension of texts in order to ace the PTE reading section. The following is a compilation of reading section preparation advice:

Multiple-choice - Only one response

  • Get it the most idea of the section that's given. To decide the right reaction, center on the catchphrases.
  • Sometimes recently reacting, completely examine the questions and make beyond any doubt your reaction meets the necessities.
  • Recognize how as often as possible terms like only, continuously, never, and in some cases happen. You'll be able to rapidly recognize the proper reactions by killing these conceivable outcomes.
  • Negative marks are not included in this segment. Even if youAs such, it's best to leave the address unanswered in the event that you're not beyond any doubt how to reply. don't have much certainty within the answers, you'll select the leading one based on your information.
  • Keep in mind that the passage's realities aren't requested chronologically in understanding with the address. The primary and final two lines incorporate more than half of the answers.
  • You've got to be able to summarize the reactions without misshaping their meaning.

Many options, numerous responses:

This component has a negative marking. If you do not have much confidence in the answers, better avoid answering the question.

Rearranging the paragraphs

  • First, try to deduce the passage's headline and main idea.
  • You must not begin the sentence with these pronouns, such as it, he, she, them, they, and those.
  • Finding the sentence that comes before conflicting statements that begin with nevertheless, but, although, and other extra phrases like besides and furthermore might be a good place to start.

Complete the gaps:

  • There are no negative markings on this component. Even if you are unsure about the correct response, nonetheless respond to the questions.
  • Pay attention to the audio segments that precede and follow the pause. This will assist you in locating the absent word.
  • Within the provided paragraph, the synonyms for the absent words may be found.

Practice Listening for PTEs

The PTE Listening portion evaluates the applicant's listening comprehension. The questions will be based on excerpts from videos and audio. The video and audio clip will only be played once.

Duration: 45 - 57 minutes

Question Type Task Skills Tested
Putting spoken text into summary Write a 50–70 word summary after listening to the tape. Listening and writing
Choose numerous answers for multiple choice questions. Consider the tone and content of the tape when you answer the multiple-choice question. Listening
Complete the gaps. The screen displays a transcript of a recording that has several blank spaces. After hearing the audio, choose the appropriate word to complete the blank. Listening and writing
Emphasizing the accurate synopsis Select the section that best captures the essence of the information by listening to the tape. Listening and Reading
With multiple choice, selecting the one correct response After listening to the audio, select the correct response by considering the audio's tone and substance. Listening
Choosing the absent word Select the appropriate word to finish the audio recording after listening to it. Listening
highlighting the misspelled word The recording's transcript will appear on the screen. Pick the words from the transcript that don't match the real recording. Listening and Reading
Composing with dictation Take a listen to the tape. Listening and Writing

Preparing for the PTE Academic Listening Section: A Guide

Here are some pointers to help you ace the listening portion of the test.

General Tips for Listening:

  • You acquire the skill of active listening by tuning in to audio news, podcasts, YouTube videos, music, and sections that you find easy and hard to grasp.Identify problematic areas and concentrate on resolving them to improve effectively.
  • Prior to seeing a film without subtitles, try watching one with them.

Synopsis of Spoken Test:

  • Please keep your responses to no more than 70 words.
  • Use words such as "The speaker said" to begin your sentences.
  • Recognize the main idea and pay attention to the terms and phrases that are used frequently.

Multiple-choice, select more than one answer:

  • There is negative marking on this section. As such, be particularly mindful of it and avoid speculating.
  • Ensure that you remain focused until the audio concludes

Complete the gaps:

  • It is best to take notes on this part using a notepad.
  • Pay close attention to the audio and ascertain if the word is singular or plural, with or without an article, and so on.

Emphasize the accurate synopsis:

  • Recognize the speaker's main points and the message they are trying to get across.
  • To reduce the number of possibilities you have, use the elimination approach.

Choose the term that is missing:

The audio's primary idea must be clear to you in the first half. You ought to know how it will finish by the second part.

Draw attention to the wrong words:

  • There is negative marking on this section. As a result, carefully examine your responses before submitting them.
  • When you click on a word, pay care since double-clicking it will make the word unselected.

Compose using dictation:

  • Attempt to input your responses straight onto the computer rather than taking notes.
  • You will save time by doing this.
  • Concentrate more on your language, punctuation, and spelling.
  • PTE Writing and Speaking Exercises.

The speaking and writing portions of the PTE assess a candidate's abilities.

Time spent in total: 77 - 93 minutes

Question Type Task Skills Tested Maximum Number of Words
Read aloud Read the provided aloud. Reading and Speaking Depends on the length of the text
Say that again Once you have listened to the audio, repeat the sentence. Listening and Speaking 15 seconds
Describe the picture Explain the supplied image in detail Speaking 40 seconds
Retelling the lecture After hearing the audio, respond to the question with a single word. Listening and speaking 10seconds.
Condense a written document. After reading the material, sum it up in one phrase. Reading and writing 10 minutes
Essay Write a 200–300 word essay on the assigned topic. Writing 20 minutes.

Preparing for the PTE Academic Writing Section: A Guide

There are two sections to the writing segment. The formulation of recommendations that help you improve in each area

Recap the textual material:

  • You can receive a score of 90 out of 90 if your grammar and vocabulary are strong.
  • You may get about a 73 if your vocabulary and grammar are average.
  • Please keep your responses to 45 words or less. Steer clear of lengthy words since the scoring system could not appropriately assess them.
  • All nouns and the sentence's initial word should be capitalized.
  • Steer clear of first-person stories. Instead, use the third person.
  • Provide a one-sentence summary of each paragraph, citing just those instances that are discussed.
  • Pay close attention to the punctuation, and concentrate on the final paragraph, which encapsulates the text's major idea.

Writing an Essay:

  • Recognize whether it is a pros-and-cons, problem, or opinion essay. Choose your essay's format after that.
  • Prioritize refining your language, punctuation, and spelling skills for enhanced communication.
  • The optimal writing of the paragraph is to begin with an introduction paragraph, two paragraphs of the body, and a conclusion paragraph.
  • Provide data and examples in the body paragraphs.
  • Keep the word count to no more than 200–300 words.

PTE Speaking Section Tips for Getting Ready

To do well in this area, pay attention to these pointers.

Generally Speaking Advice:

  • Watch videos online to help you speak more fluently and pronounce words correctly.
  • To improve your pronunciation, use Google and YouTube's IPA and Phonemes.

Read aloud:

  • When you talk, be mindful of your intonation.
  • Even if you make a mistake, you read continuously without pause.

Sentence Repeat:

  • Pay close attention to the audio and attempt to commit the sentence to memory.
  • When the audio concludes, begin speaking right away. The end of the audio is not indicated by any text or sound.
  • With the help of key words, you can overcome the trouble if you are not remembering the entire statement.

Describe Image:

  • Use terms such as describe, enlighten, exhibit, and demonstrate.
  • Decide if the picture represents a line graph, bar graph, or pie chart.Every one of these has a distinct function. Pie charts employ slices, line graphs use timelines, and bar charts compare.
  • Never stop filming for longer than three seconds at a time.

Tell Again Lecture:

  • Focus on the keywords and make an effort to comprehend the main concept.
  • Make a list of the key phrases and use them to summarize the lesson.

Respond to Brief Question:

  • Insert the articles "a," "an," and "the" where needed.
  • If you are unsure about the answer, repeat the words in the question.

PTE Syllabus

PTE Writing and Speaking Syllabus (77-93 minutes):

  • Individual Prologue
  • Reading aloud
  • Repetition of Sentences
  • Describe pictures
  • Retelling class lectures
  • Responding to quick inquiries

Providing an overview of the passages in question

Writing essays PTE reading (32–40 minutes):

  • Complete the gaps.
  • Answers to multiple-choice questions (selecting between one response and several answers)
  • Putting the mixed sentences back in order

PTE Audition (45–57 minutes):

  • What's included in the listening portion is as follows:
  • A synopsis of the audio material
  • Single- and multiple-answer multiple-choice questions and responses
  • Complete the blanks
  • Highlighting the accurate synopsis
  • Selecting the omitted word
  • Emphasizing the wrong term
  • Transcribed writing from a tape recording

The following sections make up the PTE exam:

  • Sections 77–93 minutes: Speaking and Writing
  • Part II: Reading (32–40 minutes)
  • Hearing Segment (45–57 minutes)

Reading Section of the PTE

Five subsections make up the PTE Reading Section. This portion takes about thirty32 - 40 minutes to finish.

PTE Writing and Reading: Complete the Missing Words Provide the correct answers to the blanks in the passage.
PTE Multiple Choice: Numerous responses Read the provided material and select more than one correct response.
Rearranging paragraphs in PTE putting the provided phrases back in the right sequence to create a logical flow.
PTE Fill in the blanks Select the appropriate term from the list of options and complete the gaps.
PTE Multiple Choice: Single answer From the list of possibilities, pick just one correct response.

This portion takes 45–57 minutes to finish in total.

PTE Listening Skills

PTE Verbal Exam Summaries In ten minutes, summarize the audio in 50–70 words.
PTE Multiple Choice: Numerous responses Pay close attention to the audio and select more than one right response.
PTE Writing and Listening: Complete the missing sentences After listening to the audio, use the precise words from the provided transcript to fill in the blanks.
PTE Emphasize the ideal synopsis Select the appropriate synopsis after listening to the audio.
PTE Multiple Choice: Only one response Select one correct response from the multiple-choice list.
PTE Look up the words that are missing Find the missing words and complete the gaps while listening to the audio.
PTE Draw attention to the wrong wording. After hearing the audio, fix the misspelled words.
PTE Compose with dictation. As you listen to the audio, note the words that are inaccurate.

There are 8 subsections in this section. This portion will take between 77 and 93 minutes to finish.

Academic Speaking and Writing in PTE

PTE Personal Introduction You will need to read out a prompt and record your personal information within 30 seconds after having 25 seconds to prepare. Schools then get this facts.
PTE Read aloud We'll offer you a transcript. The transcript's text will have been read aloud to you. During the event if you pause more than three seconds, the recording will come to end.
PTE Repeating sentences There will be audio. The audio must be played again in 15 seconds
PTE Image Description You are going to see a picture for twenty five seconds then you have to describe the picture
PTE Retell lecture After listening to the lecture, give a brief summary of it.
PTE Respond to a short question After listening to the audio, answer it with one or more words.
PTE Summarize in a single sentence In ten minutes, read the above paragraph and condense the key ideas into 75 words or less.
PTE Essay writing In twenty minutes, write a 200–300 word essay.

The following is the PTE syllabus

PTE Writing and Speaking:

  • Individual Prologue
  • Respond to brief inquiries
  • Retelling the lecture
  • Synopsis
  • reading aloud
  • repeating phrases
  • Describe pictures
  • writing essays

PTE Reading

  • Complete the gaps.
  • multiple-choice problems and solutions
  • Changing the order of paragraphs

PTE Hearing

  • Synopsis
  • responses to multiple-choice questions
  • Complete the gaps
  • Composing with dictation
  • highlighting the wrong words

The following is the test procedure:

  1. Reading the question –The amount of time you have to read the text prompt will depend on its length.
  2. Getting ready for the response – You will be given an average of 10-15 seconds to prepare for each section to answer the questions.

Responding to the questions: As you write, speak, and choose the appropriate responses, your responses will be recorded.

PTE Scores and Results

PTE Rating Table

This is a thorough breakdown of the PTE score chart.

85 and above
  • has easy comprehension and reading skills.
  • able to comprehend spoken English with ease.
  • able to condense information from written texts and a variety of audio sources.
  • able to articulate oneself clearly.
  • able to communicate clearly under challenging circumstances.
Between 76 and 84
  • able to understand a variety of intricate texts and their underlying meaning.
  • possess the ability to communicate without trouble.
  • You must have the ability to communicate well socially, acedemically, and professionally.
Between 59 and 75
  • able to understand the essential ideas of a difficult book.
  • able to speak well and spontaneously without any trouble.
etween 51 and 58
  • can speak with enough linguistic proficiency, but makes a lot of mistakes.
  • easily comprehends spoken words in conventional form.
  • possesses a particular level of confidence while imparting factual knowledge about commonplace topics.
  • able to understand the majority of the information from broadcast and recorded sources.
Between 43 and 50
  • able to understand common language used at work, school, play, etc.
  • able to handle typical scenarios that might occur in areas where the language is spoken.
Between 30 and 42
  • able to understand idioms and phrases that are often used in relation to important issues, such as shopping, work, local geography, and personal information.
  • able to explain in basic ways their immediate surroundings and personal history.
Between 10 and 29
  • able to understand simple common statements and phrases.
  • Able to introduce themselves and ask basic inquiries of others.
  • able to communicate with individuals.

PTE vs. IELTS Band Score Comparison

86 and above 9 band
83 to 85 band 8.5 band
79 to 82 band 8 band
73 to 78 band 7.5 band
65 to 72 band 7 band
59 to 64 band 6.5 band
51to 58 band 6 band
43 to 50 band 5.5 band
35 to 42 band 5 band
30 to 34 band 4.5 band

PTE Band Rating

The PTE exam is scored by a machine. Two categories of scoring exist:

  • A portion of the credit
  • Right or Wrong

Partial Credit: For every correct response, partial credit is awarded. Points will be subtracted from the points awarded for correct responses for each incorrect response. Erroneous replies do not carry any marks.

Right or Wrong: The applicant will receive one point for each response that is answered correctly. A wrong response will not get you any points.

Calculating Your PTE Score:

  • Based on the candidate's performance in each area, the final score will be determined. The total and average are used by the PTE score calculators to get the final score. Communicative Skills and Enabling Scores are the two main factors that affect the PTE score.
  • The PTE Communicative Skills score is composed of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.. For this talent, the possible scores range from 10 to 90 points.
  • The PTE Enabling Skills Score covers all of the following: written discourse, oral fluency, spelling, pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. There is a range of 10 to 90 points for enabling skill.
  • PTE Enabling Skills Score: Written discourse, oral fluency, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and pronunciation are all included in this category. Scores for enabling talent might vary from 10 to 90 points.
  • All scores under Enabling Skills are tallied, and the total is divided by six to get the overall PTE score. Together with the four communication skills scores, this average is totaled. The total PTE score is determined by averaging these five components.

PTE Writing and Speaking

Section Scoring
Read Aloud Partial credit
Repeat Sentence Partial credit
Describe image Partial credit
Re-tell lecture Partial credit
Answer Short Questions Correct/ Incorrect
Summarize Written Text Partial credit
Writing Essay Partial credit
43 to 50 band 5.5 band

PTE Reading

Section Scoring
Multiple-choice: select just one response Right or Wrong
Choose from a variety of multiple-choice responses. Every right answer earns you half the point. Points are subtracted for selecting the wrong alternatives.
Rearrange the paragraphs Each correctly arranged neighboring pair will receive half the credit.
Reading: Complete the gaps One full credit for each blank that is filled out correctly
Writing and reading: Complete the gaps One full credit for each blank that is filled out correctly

PTE Listening

Section Scoring
Recap the spoken word A portion of the credit
Choose from a variety of multiple-choice responses. Every right answer earns you half the point. Points are subtracted for selecting the wrong alternatives.
Complete the gaps. For every word spelled properly, you'll receive half credit.
Emphasize the accurate synopsis. Right or Wrong
Multiple-choice: select just one response Right or Wrong
Choose the absent word. Right or Wrong
Underline the wrong words. You get half credit for every word. Points are subtracted for selecting the wrong alternatives.
Compose with dictation. Each correctly spelled word receives half of the credit.

PTE Result

How to check the PTE Result?

Inside five trade days taking after the test date, the PTE comes about will be discharged. Candidates can see their online PTE exam comes about. Candidates will get an e-mail notice upon the discharge of the comes about. They may get to their PTE Scholastic understudy account by logging in after getting this e-mail. After the real test date, the PTE exam certification is substantial for two a long time. Understudies will ought to rehash the test in arrange to illustrate their qualification after two a long time.

PTE Frequently Asked Questions

Tests of English by Pearson (PTE) Academic is a fully computer-based English language assessment for immigration and overseas studies.

The PTE exam for Australia evaluates a candidate's command of the English language in preparation for applying for an Australian visa.

For immigration and to study abroad or the one wishing to relocate to an English-speaking nation may enroll in the Pearson Tests of English (PTE) Academic.

The PTE exam has two categories:

  1. PTE Academic
  2. PTE Home

Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy are among the nations where PTE is generally recognized.

The cost of the PTE exam is $170 + 15% tax + bank fee.

The PTE test can only be done online, however the IELTS can be taken both online and offline.

Both possess the same of difficulty.

After the day the comes about are discharged, PTE Scholarly certifications are substantial for two a long time. The test must be retaken by the understudy in the event that they need to illustrate their qualification after two a long time.

PTE Academic test format has three components:

Part 1: Speaking & Writing

Part 2: Reading

Part 3: Listening

The following is the PTE exam syllabus:

Speaking and Writing: This portion consists of writing an essay, summarizing a given book, describing imagery, reading aloud selected sections, answering short answer questions, and introducing oneself.

Reading: There are multiple-choice questions in this part that you need to fill in the blanks, reorder texts in a sequential fashion, and rearrange them.

Listening: This component consists of multiple-choice questions, fill-in-the-blanks, dictation, and selecting the correct or wrong word in the summary.

The PTE scoring criteria varies throughout colleges.

The minimal PTE score criteria vary throughout colleges.

The automated scoring system used by PTE Academic is used to evaluate all automated scores.

Take many practice exams.

Utilize all internet resources to the fullest.

If you'd like, enroll in an online PTE tutoring program.

Preparing for the PTE exam usually takes four to six weeks.

Evaluate your command over the English language.

Practice exams several times.

Make use of every resource available on the internet

You can optl for PTE online coaching.

Take many practice exams.It's true that you can take notes throughout the test, however pens are not allowed.

The option to take the test from home is not offered by Pearson.

Candidates are not permitted to wear headgear, gloves, beanies, caps, hoodies, scarves, or jackets. There are no further limitations apart.

Candidates are not permitted to wear headgear, gloves, beanies, caps, hoodies, scarves, or jackets. There are no further limitations apart.

Three hours is the entire time allotted to complete the PTE exam.

There are no particular requirements set by Pearson for PTE Academic eligibility.

It is possible to examine the PTE test results online. You will receive a notification via mail as soon as the result is ready. By selecting View Score, you may log into Pearson VUE and know your score.

Within five official days after the test date, the PTE exam results will be accessible. Upon release of the results, the applicant will be notified through their Pearsonal online account.