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Posted on April 27th, 2024

A Powerful CRM for Overseas Admission – Enhance your Business 10X

CRM for Overseas Admission is a complete admissions tool for recruiting students, managing applications, following students throughout their educational path, and more.

Automate the enrollment and application processes for students. Create a map of the entire student journey, from inquiry to enrollment and beyond.

Although the focus of these CRM statistics is on commercial organisations, it is clear that higher education, a historically compartmentalised field, has adopted B2B and retail practices to improve efficiency. CRMs are equally effective tools for customer service, internal communication, and operational management in addition to their revenue-generating advantages.

Features of Using an Overseas Admission CRM

The Entrily’s Student recruitment CRM is the quickest and easiest way to streamline your student recruitment efforts. Starting with a lead, selecting the best course, and managing the entire application process are all things you can do. From a single login, you can control many offices and monitor the entire company process.

  • Centralised: A complete solution to centralise your leads, accept, and handle every application from a student from any source. This platform makes it quick and easy without skipping a beat. All of your offices, employees, subagents, and more can be integrated.
  • Simplify with Automation: By providing notifications, prompt reminders of duties, and maintaining a healthy, hassle-free customer service, you may increase the productivity of your organisation. The resources of the organisation can be used to increase productivity.
  • Keep-up-to-date: Many inefficient approaches are replaced with a single platform. You are able to monitor the status of your admissions application through the system’s dashboard. Checklists, admission procedures, and tracking tools depend on the country.
  • Advanced Insights: With trustworthy analytics, you may identify the most relevant institutions and courses, as well as additional offer releases and prospect student lists. The most effective technique to enhance performance and tactics in your hiring process.
  • Payment Guide: The application cost, tuition, living expenses, and other payment kinds, along with the method of payment, are the two most crucial components of admission. You are guided through the application process with institution-specific information and payment alternatives, along with the appropriate tracker and follow-ups.
  • Application Counselling: Who should I contact first when I receive a lot of inquiries or applications? Using bookmarks and status updates, a dynamic system provides you priority communication with your student’s profile.

Highlights of using a Student Recruitment CRM

Numerous things must be taken into consideration while choosing the ideal CRM for higher education for your school. The rounds of study and selection should begin with a list of your requirements (and nice-to-haves).

There are a few aspects to consider, such as:

  • Zero lead leakage is guaranteed via paperless lead management.
  • By organising, managing, and simplifying applications in a single platform, managing and scaling your admissions has never been easier.
  • We are aware of how crucial this is, which is why you can use a variety of criteria and indicators to measure and monitor the performance of your staff and subagents.
  • Using our cloud-based system, you can store, access, retrieve, and download student admission documents. Access all the documentation you could need for various application processes in one location.
  • Bring in a greater degree of flexibility while extending numerous benefits for your counsellors to drive and scale your admissions in task flow management and it works as a great reminder for your next work slot.

We think that exceptional people are the fuel that drives great enterprises. And in order to succeed as a corporation, you must use a connected workforce to provide greater results. To build and manage an engaged workforce in a single integrated Overseas Education CRM, we match the needs of independent students with our business objectives.