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Posted on April 27th, 2024

Enhance Your Student Recruitment Strategy with Entrily – Global Admission Provider

Simplifying task management within a CRM for Student Recruitment can greatly enhance efficiency and reduce the risk of losing leads due to overlooked tasks. Here’s a proposed new feature that integrates comprehensive task management directly into the CRM

What if we told you that you could handle all of your leads and deal-related tasks in one location without switching tabs? That is accurate.

Tasks in CRM

Manage all your leads and deal-related tasks in one location without switching tabs. Our new Tasks feature streamlines your workflow, ensuring you have everything you need to close deals efficiently.

Key Features:

Create and Assign Tasks: Easily add tasks and assign them to team members. Set tags and deadlines.

Link Tasks to Records: Connect tasks to relevant leads, contacts, and deals. View tasks directly within these records.

Track and Prioritize: Assign due dates, track progress, and mark tasks as completed. Categorize tasks as overdue, upcoming, or due today to prioritize effectively.

With Tasks in CRM, stay organized, meet deadlines, and focus on what matters most.

Simplify and automate your workflow with Task Templates in Entrily – Global Admission Portal. With just one click, you can create a set of predefined tasks, streamlining your process. For example, you can set up an automated workflow to add a specific set of routine tasks to a deal when it reaches a certain stage.

How Entrily The Global Admission Provider Helps Students in the Process 

Course, University, and Country Selection

Benefit: Tailored recommendations based on student profiles.
– Store and analyze student preferences, compare options, and streamline selection processes.

Profile Assessment

Benefit: Ensure academic and language proficiency.
-Track assessment results, document qualifications, and identify areas for improvement.

Documentation Services

Benefit: Expert help with SOPs, LORs, CVs, and portfolios.
-Manage document drafts, reviews, and final versions, ensuring all documents are completed on time.

Application Assistance

Benefit: Simplified application and admission processes.
-Monitor application progress, manage deadlines, and store all related documents and communications.

Superior Entrily – Global Admission Portal Features 

Task Planning and Scheduling: Entrily – The Global Admission Portal facilitates automated task planning and scheduling with reminders, ensuring teams stay organized and on track. This feature promotes efficient collaboration by clearly assigning responsibilities and providing shared access to task details, enhancing workflow transparency and productivity.

Bulk Edit and Upload: Entrily simplifies data management with bulk editing and uploading capabilities across multiple record types such as transactions, contacts, activities, and documents. This functionality streamlines operations by allowing users to quickly modify, complete, or delete large volumes of information, optimizing organizational efficiency and accuracy.

Associate Dashboard: The associate dashboard in Entrily offers a centralized hub for accessing comprehensive insights and managing courses effortlessly. It provides real-time visibility into key metrics and performance indicators, empowering users to make informed decisions and effectively monitor progress towards goals.

Entrily – The Global Admission Provider Pricing:
Pricing Details:

Free Forever: Ideal for smaller teams looking to increase admissions. Start with no cost.

Standard: Scale your business with automation and increase admissions by 5X. Starting at $20.

Professional: Achieve admission success with advanced automation, scaling your brand by 10X. Starting at $50.

Enterprise: Tailored solutions for established companies requiring customized software. Custom pricing based on your needs and requirements

Entrily offers flexible pricing plans to cater to different organizational sizes and needs, ensuring scalable solutions for admission success.

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Entrily – Global Admission Provider offers flexible pricing plans suitable for all sizes of educational institutions and recruitment teams. Whether you’re starting small or aiming for extensive automation and customization, Entrily provides tailored solutions to streamline operations and boost admissions effectively. Discover how Entrily can enhance your student recruitment strategy and support your organization’s growth today.