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Posted on April 27th, 2024

Entrily CRM for Student Recruitment

CRM Tasks – New Feature

If you work in a CRM for Student Recruitment, you undoubtedly already know that the workflow includes a variety of tasks, such as prospect research, approach preparation, presentation preparation, follow-up, and close, to name a few. There is a considerable chance that you will lose a lead if you neglect even one assignment. Although there are many different task management programs available, it can be difficult to transition between your CRM and task management programs to maintain track of the activities.

What if we told you that you could handle all of your leads and deal-related tasks in one location without switching tabs? That is accurate.

To address this issue and make it easier for you to manage tasks for every lead conveniently, we are pleased to provide Tasks in CRM, a useful new tool with capabilities built in to ensure you have all you need to close that transaction. You can use this to add tasks and assign them to the appropriate team members. Set the task’s tag and deadline.

Make a task, then connect it to the relevant leads, contacts, and deals. The task will become visible while examining a certain lead, contact, or deal. According to their deadlines, assign due dates to the tasks, and then keep track of which ones you’ve finished. You can keep track of what’s important with the help of this function. Verify the status of your tasks, complete them on time, and mark them as finished. You may categorise and examine all tasks that are past due, impending, and due today in one place to help you better prioritise.

As part of the roll-out of tasks, we are providing Templates for Tasks in our Entrily CRM. With the use of templates, you can quickly automate your workflow by creating a regular group of tasks with only one click. For instance, you may build up an automated workflow to add a specified routine set of duties that must be completed to a deal when it reaches a certain level.

Sales Process

Get total visibility into all of your deals at all stages. Make informed judgments and maintain control of a complicated sales process by quickly seeing how many deals are in each step, and sorting and filtering by their anticipated close date.

List View

The deals “ListView” lets you select which columns are displayed, in what order, and how they are displayed, just like an interactive spreadsheet. Features include powerful filters, data export, sorting, click-and-drag columns, and bulk editing.

Email Integration Connect emails with your contacts and deals automatically to provide you with a complete picture of everything going on with a prospect in one spot.

Tasks and Activities

Everything in TeamWave CRM is designed to facilitate activity-based selling.

  • Take the necessary steps.
  • Activity types are completely customizable.
  • Reminders and notifications are built in.

Customise your CRM

  • Create unique pipelines and specify phases for each pipeline (for regions, business segments, etc.).
  • Control who in your organisation has access to view which pipeline.
  • When creating filters for your deals, use a variety of conditions (ex: deal value, country, activities)
  • To provide extra data, create custom fields. There are several distinct field formats available (Ex: commission, estimates, etc)

Inform the appropriate individuals. limit what they are capable of.

To create a secure environment for delicate work, you can choose to keep pipelines, deals, tasks, discussions, and contacts private. You can set various access levels for team members based on their responsibilities with custom roles.

Superior CRM Features

Task planning and scheduling

An organisation, regardless of its size, is a team with numerous moving pieces. It must cooperate, which requires understanding who is responsible for what and when. Shared access to work and automated scheduling with reminders can ensure that business operations run smoothly and that everyone has access to the right information. Keeping intra-communications in the system to track workflow has substantial benefits.

Social media integration

You must be well aware of the significance and pervasiveness of social media by this point unless you have been living under a rock. Organisations risk losing out if they ignore this. Social media and CRM integration enable more effective management of the brand’s engagement and public image.

Bulk Edit

We have made it simple to modify numerous records at once, even though updating a single record is straightforward. You can alter, complete, and move using the bulk edit option. Countless pieces of information on transactions, contacts, activities, and companies can be copied or deleted.

Entrily CRM pricing

Entrily CRM has two pricing options (s). There is a premium bundle and a free trial of Recruit CRM available. To determine which product is best for you, check out several pricing pages and decide on your pack. All of our plans have feature usage limits that also apply during the trial period. During your trial, you can upgrade for free to a premium plan to expand your limits. Full-featured CRM can help your organisation succeed by combining the benefits of two systems into one.

With the aid of a straightforward and user-friendly interface, an easy reporting engine, and a set of fantastic features that can easily be adapted for your company operations, you can increase sales and recruiter efficiency, make effective decisions, and manage your recruitment process.


Previously, the hiring process had made it difficult for recruiting companies to find students who would be the best fit for their business. but no longer. You can identify the finest applicant for firms of all sizes and types with the help of Entrily CRM for Student recruitment recruiting agency tools.