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Posted on April 27th, 2024

Entrily – International Student Recruitment Platform Features for Recruiters

Global education is always changing. The goal is to connect institutions with bright students, no matter where they are. Welcome to Entrily – your passport to effective international student recruitment.

At Entrily, we’re redefining the recruitment experience for educational institutions worldwide. Our student recruitment platform offers top features designed to align your recruitment process.

Join us to explore the game-changing features that make it the go-to choice for recruiters.

The top features of the international student recruitment marketplace

Before we explore the features, let me offer a short intro about Entrily. It is an international education marketplace for recruiters and education institutions. It connects student recruiters with global institutions for successful student placement.

Let’s explore the Entrily’s features one by one.


We provide a dashboard for registered education agents and consultants. It allows agents to view the snapshot of registered students, applications, and account manager details. Also, they can manage the new applications, recent updates, tasks, and latest activities.


This feature helps recruiters access students’ data in one place. It includes their name, contact, preferred country, profile status, and more.

Application processing

The application feature allows recruiters to add new applications in two ways. They can do it manually or from the application link. It helps to track the application status effectively.

It enables agents to access various courses from the institutions to find the right one for their students. This feature is the best way for agents to reach institutions globally.  Our overseas education marketplace has over 48300+ international courses for you.


Education consultants to view their commission from the platform transparently with this feature. It includes commission share, estimated amount, and commission status.

As an education agent, you get a 75% commission (free plan) from Entrily for every successful student enrolment.

Reasons to join the preferred partner in Entrily

Entrily allows overseas education recruiters to join as the preferred partner. Being a preferred partner, you can access a wide range of networks and have many benefits. Here are the reasons why you join as a partner.

1. Verified leads based on region

As a recruitment agency acquiring leads in specific regions is challenging. To overcome this join Entrily ‘s preferred partner program to gain more leads. Currently, 50 active partners leveraging this to grow their business.

2. Priority access to CRM

Our study abroad CRM helps manage students’ applications and tasks. It also helps manage your team effectively. Connect our dedicated agents for a smooth user experience and get unlimited access.

3. Premium AI course finder

Our AI course finder lets you find and access 48,300+ courses from 680+ international institutions across 10+ countries.

4. High commission rate

You can get a high commission rate from our marketplace for successful sales. The commission rate may vary depending on the university applications.

5. Co-sell opportunities

We join your team as an admission service partner to process applications successfully.

These are some of the benefits you can get as a preferred partner in Entrily. Know more about becoming a preferred partner.

Final words

Entrily is a proven student recruitment platform for recruiters to manage applications, student databases, and everything in a single platform. What are you waiting for? Start using Entrily – an International student recruitment platform to earn revenues.