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Posted on April 27th, 2024

How a CRM for Overseas Admission can double up profits?

With a CRM for Overseas Admission, designed for expanding educational institutions, you may draw students, improve the admissions process, and increase enrollment rates.

Companies that provide study abroad consulting services must respond to a diverse range of inquiries, from those of students looking for different courses to those of institutions looking to collaborate.

The main advantage of adopting CRM for Overseas Admission is to simplify the enrollment, admissions, and retention processes for students by giving users a thorough overview of every contact or inquiry.

Importance of a CRM for Overseas Admission

Institutions of higher learning must respond to a broad and diverse range of inquiries from students looking for different courses. Your sales representatives can’t afford to overlook good inquiries because there weren’t prompt follow-ups or ongoing interaction.

Additionally, manually handling such a large amount of data on Excel may be taxing, and even a small mistake might cause student inquiries to go lost. By using an Overseas Admission CRM that meets your specific requirements, you may overcome these difficulties.

Highlights of a Study Abroad CRM

You can swiftly and efficiently engage with potential students at several touchpoints by concentrating on them and using an study abroad CRM. Below are some of the major highlights as follows,

  • Streamline: By boosting counsellor productivity, ensuring prompt follow-ups, reducing lead leakage or admission inquiries, optimising marketing expenditures, and streamlining decision-making, it further aids in streamlining the admissions process.
  • Higher Conversion Rates: CRM facilitates team collaboration on a single sale and guarantees prompt conclusion.
  • Engage with Inquiries: Save hours of laborious data entry by easily importing data from massive databases.
  • Automate Workflows: To save time and increase counselling productivity, the entire enrollment procedure should be automated.Send prospective students and customers personalised automatic communications. Automatically assign the appropriate counsellor to the appropriate inquiries.
  • No-break Follow Ups: Reach out to prospects right away by setting up numerous valuable touch points along the way. Send SMS updates and course reminders; design personalised email templates; send in-app and email reminders; and check email and phone records. Utilize the Notes function to keep track of student communications.
  • CRM Customization: Create several, completely customizable pipelines that fit your application procedure to speed up enrollments. Create custom filters based on students’ locations, course preferences, demographics, etc. to help you find precise information about them.
  • Manage your Team’s Performance: Make informed decisions, produce thorough reports, and gather insights to improve your outreach and increase enrollments. Recognize the channel that is bringing in the most customer inquiries, the effectiveness of your sales staff, and the most well-liked and profitable courses.

How can EntrilyCRM boost your Business?

Businesses must provide an amazing experience, secure customer retention, and reduce operational expenses in order to remain relevant in today’s cutthroat educational environment. You may accomplish this and more with the aid of a CRM for Study Abroad Consultants.

By personalising messaging and delivering automatic reminders and course updates, we assist you in streamlining interactions with your prospects and students. It aids in your timely outreach to the appropriate prospects. Their experience is enhanced, which raises interest in your course.
Our Study Abroad CRM produces thorough reports that provide you with in-depth knowledge of your sales process. Learn about the effectiveness of your sales team, the most effective channels for generating inquiries, and the most well-liked courses. Additionally, you get information on the courses that could be better.

Why to go for a CRM for Student Recruitment?

The main advantage of implementing a Student Recruitment CRM for your EdTech company is to simplify the enrollment, admissions, and retention processes for students by giving you a complete picture of every contact or inquiry.

Implementing will help you expedite the enrollment process, respond to student enrollment inquiries faster, and eventually increase your sales revenue. The marketing and sales department of an educational institution or a Business Consultant of an Overseas Education can be radically transformed by a smart CRM from Entrily.