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Posted on April 27th, 2024

How a CRM for Study Abroad Consultancy should be?

Are you trying to find the best CRM for Study Abroad Consultancy? Entrily would then meet your needs and fulfil your expectations without breaking the bank. Our state-of-the-art software system manages the lead generation, course administration, student documents, university application management, and more.

Entrily CRM Software’s Benefit

Due to the rising demand for and acceptance of higher education abroad, the international education industry has been expanding for a while. As a result, an increasing number of businesspeople are stepping forward to begin careers as international education advisors.

Due to the intense rivalry, it is now difficult for businesses to survive without the aid of potent tools like CRM software for education. And there is no better solution than the Entrily system for expanding an international education consultancy business.

In summary, it has a lot of features to make it easier for international education consultants to travel. Entrily, for instance, can handle questions from students and ease the entire immigration procedure for them. The software can also keep track of how pupils are applying online.

To put it another way, entrily enables an overseas education consultant business to simplify the application process for students looking to study abroad. Additionally, the platform makes it simple for consultants to manage their teams. Entrily furthermore gives the company all the resources needed to increase its accessibility and serve more students with fewer personnel resources.

Efficiency Increased for an Overseas Education Consulting Business

Entrily does all possible to meet the needs of pupils regarding their academic pursuits. Consultants can handle the college application process, automate the follow-up procedure, and do other things thanks to the software program.

You could better understand the potential of Entrily by understanding some of the software’s main advantages.

Monitoring and Management of Applications

Entrily is an all-inclusive system for managing and monitoring applications from beginning to end. In other words, the complex admissions procedures can be made simpler by the software. Entrily software also provides an all-inclusive dashboard that enables overseas education consultants to monitor the admissions process.

Document management for applicants

Entrily assists advisers in keeping track of all the necessary student paperwork, such as transcripts, diplomas, identification documents, letters of recommendation, and more. The procedure also aids consultants in streamlining the application process for prospects.

Better Lead Management Integrated

Entrily offers an effective, unified lead management system to international education consultants. Numerous procedures, including lead tracking, lead assignment, lead status, and adding lead comments, have been significantly streamlined.

Management Information system (MIS)

Entrily can produce MIS reports based on performance, applications, and leads. It also supports consultants in making wiser business decisions and helps advance the field of global education consulting.

Service Tickets

Students and consultants can create tickets and tasks in Entrily and then follow up on them. The notification system and tracking system ensure that interactions and follow-ups with staff and candidates are not missed. As a result, international education consultants can offer candidates high-quality assistance while enhancing the image of their company.


Entrily is a full-featured CRM for Study Abroad Consultancy to organise and assist your business as an abroad education consultant. You can concentrate on other elements of your business while this program handles the bulk of your company’s workload.