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Posted on April 27th, 2024

Student’s Journey in the CRM for Overseas Admission

Let’s go over higher education enrollment funnels with the help of CRM for Overseas Admission once more to make sure you understand how each stage of the funnel relates to the objectives you have for it.

What is the admission and enrollment funnel?

The many phases of a prospect’s college decision-making process are reflected in the enrollment funnel. It typically has six stages: inquiries, admits, deposits, applicants, and enrollees. According to the stage they are at, student applicants will need different information from educational establishments; as a result, marketing methods will change significantly. Now that we have a better understanding of the enrollment funnel stages, let’s move on to how to set marketing objectives for each of them.


A person who visits your website anonymously and does not give any personal information.


Prospective students who have taken an action to provide their contact information


Those who have applied are known as applicants.


Future students who have satisfied the admissions requirements and have been accepted are called admits.

Admission Deposits

Deposits from aspiring students who have satisfied the admissions requirements


Students who successfully enrol are said to be enrolled.

Goals can be used throughout your enrollment

You’ll likely have several objectives spread over various digital platforms and channels, but it could be helpful to consider them in the context of your normal enrolling experience.

Goals at the Awareness Stage

Given that this is the most important step of the enrollment process, your main concerns throughout the awareness stage will be boosting your institution’s online visibility and developing the reputation of your brand. Your goals will be based on key performance indicators (KPIs) like website traffic and social media reach to show whether you are reaching a larger audience than before.

Goals for the planning phase

You’ll be aiming to generate quality leads for your admissions team during the consideration stage at this point by converting increased visibility and engagement. During this phase, you should generate inquiries by having people sign up for your newsletter, reserve a spot at an information session, download content, and take other actions that demonstrate their interest in enrolling at your school.

Goals for decision objectives

Your team’s obvious goal at this point will probably be to create applications. Your team will want to see the results of all of its efforts in terms of more potential students for your courses as they move up the funnel.

To provide your team with specific goals to show off their efforts, you can also wish to create targets for various channels, depending on the nature of your digital marketing activities.

Enrollment Objectives

Your goals will change to attrition and retention once you’ve received the applications. Once students start their courses, your team might wish to increase retention rates or the applicant-to-student ratio.

Admissions Objectives for Student Attraction

Your admissions team’s student recruitment techniques can make use of the goal method. Your team can use it to set objectives to raise the quantity and efficiency of your follow-up efforts; the number of leads to the application; the frequency of your follow-up operations; how many applicants are approved as students

How Entrily can help you reach your enrollment objectives?

An important component of enrollment marketing is to keep your admissions funnel in mind. Applicants who struggle with the traditional method of handling inquiries and follow-up activities may find tremendous benefit from investing in a CRM platform with a marketing automation component. In addition to gathering and managing leads from various marketing initiatives, a smart CRM can regularly assess the success of your efforts over a predetermined period using both pre-built and customised reports.

Entrily CRM effectively manages all of your applicant information in one location, assists in assigning leads to lead owners, and keeps track of the average follow-up time and follow-up rate for your admissions staff. A report like this could help you keep tabs on your progress if you want to increase the timeliness of your follow-up.


To monitor your progress, we recommend that you implement Admission and Enrollment automation with superior Higher Education CRM features, like Entrily, which provides a range of dashboards and reports. Remember, if you have such a reliable system in place, you’ll be able to properly track your progress toward your goals in real time.

Get a CRM for Overseas Admission that allows you to configure easily and without coding to produce daily activity reports in a flash to save your team’s hours of going through multiple excel sheets. If you want to filter out the noise and view only the information that is relevant to you,