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Posted on April 27th, 2024

What Are the Key Features of an Ideal CRM for Study Abroad Consultancies?

Optimising Study Abroad Consultancies with an Advanced CRM

In the competitive field of study abroad consultancies, a CRM system is essential for streamlining processes, enhancing client interactions, and ensuring the success of students. Below, we explore three crucial components of an ideal CRM for study abroad consultancies: monitoring and management of student applications, document management for applicants, and course shortlisting.

Benefits of Using Entrily CRM for Study Abroad Consultancies

The international education industry has been expanding due to the growing demand for higher education abroad. This surge has led to many entrepreneurs stepping into the role of international education advisors. However, the intense competition in this field makes it challenging for businesses to thrive without powerful tools like CRM systems. Entrily stands out as an ideal solution for growing a study abroad consultancy business.

Entrily offers numerous features to support international education consultants. It manages student inquiries, simplifies the immigration process, and tracks online applications. In essence, Entrily streamlines the application process for students wishing to study abroad and helps consultants manage their teams efficiently. The platform also provides all the necessary tools to increase the consultancy’s reach, allowing them to serve more students with fewer resources.

Increased Efficiency for Study Abroad Consultancies

Entrily is designed to meet the needs of students in their academic pursuits. It enables consultants to handle the college application process, automate follow-ups, and more. Here are some of the main advantages of using Entrily:

  1. Streamlined Student Inquiries: Entrily efficiently manages all student inquiries, ensuring timely responses and follow-ups.
  2. Simplified Immigration Process: The platform helps ease the immigration process, making it smoother for students.
  3. Online Application Tracking: Consultants can keep track of student applications online, ensuring no step is missed.
  4. Team Management: Entrily makes it easy for consultants to manage their teams and collaborate effectively.
  5. Resource Optimization: The CRM helps businesses serve more students with fewer staff, enhancing overall productivity and reach.

Monitoring and Management of Student Applications

Efficiently tracking and managing student applications is critical for any study abroad consultancy. A CRM system can automate and simplify this process, ensuring that no application falls through the cracks. Here’s how:

Real-time Tracking: A CRM allows consultants to monitor the status of each application in real-time, from submission to acceptance. This feature ensures that consultants can provide timely updates to students and address any issues promptly.

Automated Reminders: Automated reminders for deadlines and required actions can help both consultants and students stay on track. This reduces the risk of missing crucial deadlines.

Centralised Data: All application-related data is stored in one place, making it easy for consultants to access and review information quickly. This centralization improves efficiency and reduces the likelihood of errors.

Document Management for Applicants

Handling the extensive documentation required for study abroad applications can be daunting. A CRM system designed for study abroad consultancies can streamline document management in the following ways:

Secure Storage: Documents are stored securely within the CRM, ensuring they are safe from loss or unauthorised access. This feature is crucial for maintaining confidentiality and compliance with data protection regulations.

Easy Retrieval: Consultants can quickly retrieve documents as needed,
facilitating smoother interactions with universities and other institutions. This quick access can significantly speed up the application process.

Collaboration: The CRM allows for easy collaboration among team members, enabling them to share and review documents seamlessly. This collaborative approach ensures that applications are complete and accurate.

Course Shortlisting

Selecting the right courses for students is a vital part of the consultancy service. A CRM can assist in this process by:

Personalized Recommendations: Based on the student’s profile, interests, and academic background, the CRM can suggest suitable courses and institutions. This personalised approach helps in matching students with the best possible options.

Up-to-date Information: CRMs are often integrated with the latest data on courses and institutions, ensuring that consultants and students have access to current information. This feature is crucial for making well-informed choices in a rapidly changing educational landscape.

Better Lead Management Integrated

Entrily offers an effective, unified lead management system to international education consultants. Numerous procedures, including lead tracking, lead assignment, lead status, and adding lead comments, have been significantly streamlined.

Management Information system (MIS)

Entrily can produce MIS reports based on performance, applications, and leads. It also supports consultants in making wiser business decisions and helps advance the field of global education consulting.

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Entrily Global Admission Provider is a powerful tool that can significantly boost the efficiency and effectiveness of study abroad consultancies, helping them thrive in a competitive industry. Implementing Entrily CRM, tailored specifically for study abroad consultancies, can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided. By focusing on the monitoring and management of student applications, document management, and course shortlisting, Entrily can streamline operations, improve client satisfaction, and ultimately contribute to the success of students pursuing their educational dreams abroad.