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Posted on April 27th, 2024

Why a CRM for Overseas Education is much needed?

Entrily, a CRM for overseas education is an integrated platform for managing application procedures, lead management, and various agents or referrals for abroad study consultants. You no longer need numerous platforms and tools to manage your study abroad. A single platform will meet all of your operational and business demands and much more.

Entrily CRM Process

Application Administration and Tracking

Complete file management and tracking system from start to end. Manage all of the intricate admissions processes and track them using a powerful dashboard.

Lead Management Integrated

Get a lead management system that is centralised. Create campaign pages, follow-ups, and reminders, as well as import leads, track leads, and create auto-send rules.

Document Administration

Manage all of the applicant’s documentation, including mark sheets, SOPs, letters of recommendation, financial statements, and so on.

Task management and scheduling

Create a task or event in the system to ensure that you never miss an opportunity to follow up using our notification and task-tracking systems. You can also assign jobs with many layers.

Invoice Administration

With our speedy invoice production system, you can send an invoice to a student, agency, recommendation, or university. Keep track of the payments and payouts.

Database for Colleges Abroad

Obtain default access to a database of over a million foreign colleges spread across many countries. On the platform, you can also add colleges and other information. a college database that is easy to use.

Management of Payments

Create and control your system tie-ups and payouts. Don’t worry if you only have a few tie-ups; you can still access our tie-ups and receive payouts.

Generation of MIS

Produce MIS reporting that is performance, application, and lead-based. We’ll contribute to making business decisions and enhancing operational effectiveness.

For Students

Login to Student Dashboard

Branded website for students to log in: consultant for international studies Assessments can be finished, applications tracked, documents submitted, and colleges shortlisted by students.

Foreign Studies Assessment

Students, recent graduates, and professionals can all take a separate evaluation for studying abroad to analyse their profiles and determine how much weight to assign them.

Report on Global Milestones

Unlimited milestone reports for study abroad studies can be generated by students or consultants. Profile summaries, colleges that made the shortlist, counsellor recommendations, and process monitoring are all included.

College admissions guidance

Students or consultants from overseas can shortlist colleges using the interface’s directory of colleges. Get quick information on costs, courses, national benefits, and more.

Application Management

The entire application process, including profiling, shortlisting of colleges, document submission, application status, and visa processing, can be tracked by students using a dashboard.

Integrated Career Evaluation

Students who are unsure of their career path might choose to receive complete career counselling and assessment. Making informed professional decisions will be easier.

For Agent

Development of many agents or referral networks

Creating CRM dashboards for workers, agents, and referrals will support the expansion and effective management of the corporate network.

Access to CRM personnel

Gain access to CRM to use its lead management, file management, and other features. The master CRM and all other CRMs will be connected.

Tracking of applications and processes

Utilise the CRM dashboard to follow the application and the full process. Under the CRM dashboard, you may create tasks, and events, view CRM payouts and use other features.


Entrily is a CRM for overseas education that helps consultants increase their operations and achieve high conversion rates by integrating, managing, and nurturing leads. It addresses the key issues that the overseas admission team encountered, including handling several lead lists, providing a centralised platform for document storage, and keeping track of the progress of visa applications.

Using this platform students and agents will get benefits in the admission process. Many graduates and education agents can start their businesses with EntrilyCRM.