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Posted on April 27th, 2024

Why Universities Should Consider Student Recruitment

Student Recruitment CRM that is specifically intended for the higher education industry helps the admission team with lead integration, management,and nurturing to enhance conversion rates and quality admissions,

A CRM system for higher education compiles each person’s contact details, activities, and characteristics. The system offers several other ways to get in touch with your leads, including bulk SMS, emails, Whatsapp, Phone calls, and more.

Why do you require an Entrily CRM for higher education?

The main issues that the higher school admission team faces, such as managing inquiries and events, nurturing communication, focusing their marketing campaigns, reporting, and analytics, can be resolved by an effective higher education CRM. To go further, let’s concentrate on a few special advantages Entrily CRM can provide you:

Controlling the Lead Flow

The most challenging aspect of lead management for any higher education institution. To peak the target audience’s interest, a variety of extension methods are required. Additionally, managing a steady influx of applications from diverse locations and different lead channels is too much for one person to handle manually.

Entrily CRM can assist you in the following two ways:

Integrating all of your lead channels to ensure that none are lost: A CRM connects many lead-generating channels, including publisher websites such as social media, and some popular websites.

Sharing the leads equally among your admissions team Allocating the leads is the next important activity after they are entered into the CRM. A CRM allows you to designate the best counsellor for each lead depending on the counsellor’s effectiveness, course, statistics, etc.

Additionally, a CRM keeps track of and automates admissions-related duties including saving applicant information and reminding them while their enrollment is still pending, among other things.

Automating communication processes

The highest conversion rate is provided by exceptional communication, but what convinces students to accept admission to a certain college is: delivering the appropriate information at the right moment. Everyone seeking information about a higher education program is a digital native who is impatient to have their questions answered.

The use of rule engines to automate all of your communication will speed up responses.

Your counsellor’s productivity will increase if manual communication is eliminated. The reliance on third-party programs is removed by integrating all communication channels into a single platform. By automating your interactions, you can follow up with leads regularly, increasing the likelihood that they will convert. A CRM offers numerous communication alternatives, including calling, Whatsapp, bulk SMS, and emails.

Setting Reminders and Tracking Fee Payment

A higher education institution offers a variety of courses, each of which has a separate pricing schedule. You need an efficient fee management solution to manage these many cost structures and keep the payment process running smoothly.

Here, a dedicated Entrily CRM may assist you in the following ways:

  • It keeps tabs on all financial transactions including student enrollment and available courses.
  • It assists your administrative division in preventing inconsistencies with the payment procedure.
  • Students who receive timely reminders will be made aware of their overdue fees, maximising the counsellor’s opportunity to call and remind.
  • By integrating all payment methods, payments are made simpler and more accessible to everyone.

A smart CRM will also allow you to send an automatically created link by SMS, email, or WhatsApp. For your students, this will result in a seamless and simple payment experience. You can automate reminders about the outstanding costs if a student becomes disengaged while you are monitoring the payment status.

Reporting and Analysis

It might be difficult and time-consuming to manually gather a variety of data and enter it into excel sheets. In addition, formatting the finished data into a legible format is a completely different operation.

You can substitute this human labour-intensive activity with a reporting dashboard using a potent CRM.

  • Assist you in tracking a variety of admissions-related metrics, including call-to-conversion ratio, counsellor performance, team performance across campuses, and the effectiveness of lead-generating sources.
  • To direct your resources in the proper direction, track the results of your marketing and admissions strategy.
  • It will enable you to alter your admission strategy based on data.

Keep records of students

Entrily CRM keeps track of the academic records of its current and former students since they are more likely to offer support in the future. As a result, adding students to your email list for newsletters on announcements for fundraising events, networking gatherings, job fairs, and reunions is unavoidable. You need a better method to safely save this data because of this. With an exclusive CRM for higher education, you can:

  • Aggregate academic data.
  • Anytime access to the data.
  • Conveniently send targeted bulk emails.
  • Newsletters, notices, and invitations are distributed when the physical and email addresses are up to date.
  • It also enables you to publicly celebrate the achievement of the event by announcing the amount of money raised.


Your institute needs a highly effective system to remain ahead of its needs with solutions like proactive communications in 2022 when students are drowning with educational modernisation.

In this situation, a Student Recruitment CRM can be a privilege that helps the students and boosts the effectiveness of the admissions team. It also boosts fundraising and alumni engagement. The time has come for you to abandon all of your laborious admissions techniques and embark on a smooth admissions procedure using an “Entrily CRM”